Women in Fly Fishing

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http://gratitudehouse.org/wp-json/ Our goal with these encouraging fly fishing videos will be to motivate more females to take up the sport of fly fishing. This first video was put together by Todd Moen who runs and operates Todd Moen Creative and Catch Magazine.

source url Like all of Todd Moen’s Videos; this video catches the true essence of what it means to find peace and solitude while on the river. This video follows a Young Women as she makes her way down a high stream in the hills of Montana.

We hope you enjoy and encourage more women to find out what fly fishing can do to their over all well-being. Please help us spread our love for fly fishing by sharing this with people you care about most. Thank you!


It has been said that 90% of diseases are caused by stress. More and more women are being diagnosed with stress related diseases because of the major roles they are responsible to fulfill. Fly Fishing has been shown  to lower stress levels and boost brain power.

Women in Fly Fishing

- The River of Life -

“River of Life features the reflections of 3 women dealing with breast cancer while out fly fishing on the waters of the Pacific Northwest. The narrative connects the struggles of wild, native and anadromous fish with the challenges the women face in their own lives, while also capturing the magic and joy of fly fishing. This film is brought to life by the sensitive and insightful cinematography of Todd Moen, whose camerawork captures the vibrancy of the natural world both above and below the water line. The film explores life’s tenacity, and its fragility.

The subject of fly fishing has been covered in many joyous, adventure films, primarily by men. The Trout Unlimited grant that we are applying for represents an opportunity to add a woman’s perspective to the annals of fly fishing films. “River of Life,” reflects ideas and feelings that most fly fishermen share, yet from a uniquely feminine perspective. Breast cancer is, for the most part, a feminine struggle, but when 1 in 8 women in the United States are afflicted, it touches everyone’s lives. Connecting our human stories with the life and health of rivers reminds us of what is beautiful in our world, and how easily it can be lost. It’s a story that needs to be told. We’re counting on your help.” T-Moen