Fly Fishing requires one to slow down and focus on the task at hand.

fly fishing

cheap Neurontin The Beauty of Fly Fishing!

Fly Fishing has and will always be an art practiced and sought out by those with a adventurous spirit! Fly Fishing gives the angler the challenge of slowing down and connecting with the elements. The key in becoming a successful fly fisher is harnessed with the ability to slow down ones mind.

naltrexone purchase canada The truth of the matter is; most people who want to learn how to fly fish will never become successful at catching fish because they don’t take the time  to slow down. We are not being dogmatic by any means but our world is cluttered with one challenge after another. The pursuit of living a satisfying life seems to be a daunting task and doesn’t make room for meditation.

But out of the cloud caused by the giant rat race comes the few who find their strengths through fly fishing. These people have a hunger for life and it’s adventure. They seem to leave their work at work and hone in on the task at hand. The journey they are on is met with one joy after another.

It brings us great joy to see not only individuals but family’s leave their struggles behind and connect with the outdoors. We also understand that there are a lot of people who want to start fly fishing but can never find the time. With this in mind we have brought together our experience and information across the web to get you motivated  and make time to #optoutside!

Our First Fly Fishing Resource is a video by Latitude Guiding. Enjoy!

Did you notice how beautiful the day was? Perfect Fly Fishing Weather!

It’s days like these that make catching fish just that much more rewarding. A huge part of  their success was slowing down and reading the water. In the beginning it showed them tying on a couple of dry flies. This required them to focus and think about what was hatching and what the fish were eating.

Key tip to remember:

They also were very cautious and stayed a good distance away from the fish.

Our next resource is a fly casting video by Orvis. This video will help you gain confidence with your cast and motivate you to try out your new skills.


Whether your just learning how to fly fish or have been fly fishing forever, perfecting the basic cast is the foundation to your overall success on the water. Orvis has always put out great how to fly casting videos and we encourage you to read up on ways to improve your casting.

Last but not least is another amazing video put out by Todd Moen. Here we will learn about the entomology of the water through observation.

source site Just a little bit of love!! 

Huge brown trout in Montana are an amazing fish to catch. As you may have noticed the hatch of the day were PMDs and boy oh boy were the fish hungry. The number one thing we hope you take away from this video:

Fish are selective about their food. Did you see the huge selection of different sizes and colored flies they had? Matching the hatch is crucial if you want to be successful on the water.

Today we have focused on three key elements of fly fishing:

  1. Slowing Down– Taking the time to take it all in.
  2. Fly Casting– Presenting the fly in a manner that fools the fish.
  3. Entomology– Matching the hatch means more fish.

We hope you enjoyed these videos as much as we did. As you continue to learn more about fly fishing, remember to slow down and take fly fishing one step at a time. What seems impossible will become easy if you practice a few simple disciplines on the water. If you enjoyed these videos and want to learn more please feel free to join Seamwater on the journey of fly fishing in slow motion. Fish On!